Ben Acland got his undergraduate degree in theatre performance from Pomona College, earning four ACTF Awards for Meritorious Achievement in Performance, and a post-baccalaureate Melon grant for work in Corporeal Mime. While at Pomona, he worked as a research assistant in the department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, where he co-developed a novel paradigm for studying verification strategies for quantified statements. Before coming to Washington University, Ben spent three years as a programmer for Hulu.com, helping to write mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. While in LA, he spent his spare hours volunteering at the Laboratory for Clinical Affective Psychophysiology, working as the artistic director of the Claremont School of Theatre Arts in the summers, and co-creating new theatre with his wife at their company, The Poor House Theatre Company. His current interests include the cerebellum's role in cognition, reproducible and reusable data preprocessing and analysis pipelines, MVPA, and exploring St Louis.

Washington University, Department of Psychology, Campus Box 1125, St. Louis, Missouri 63130-4899 (314) 935-8547 email Ben