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Depression May Start Much Earlier than Previously Thought. NBC Nightly News 12/1/017. Link [.pdf file]

Investigating Mindfulness: A Story in Three Parts. Ampersand 10/2017. Link

Laure Cobb, WUSTL RECORD 08/17




News.wustl.edu "Depression, overwhelming guilt in preschool years linked to brain changes." [link]

People Behind the Science podcast Deanna Barch [link]

Nerdette. (March 5, 2014). Scientist Deanna Barch talks about how the Human Connectome Project is mapping the brain and what it might mean for people dealing with depression. [link]

James Gorman. The New York Times, (January 6, 2014) The Brain in Exquisite Detail. [link]

BBRF. (January 7th, 2014). Brain mapping work of NARSAD Grantee Featued in Today's New York Times. [link]



National Institutes of Health, (September 28, 2012) 2012 Early Independence Award Recipients. [link]

Melissa Healy. The Los Angeles Times, (August 2, 2012) Intelligence: Brain size matters, but so do connections. [link]

Gerry Everding. Futurity. (August 1, 2012) . Brain images predict how smart you are. [link]

Nature, (July 19, 2012) A smart hub in the brain. [.pdf file]


HCP (September 14, 2010) Using fMRI to Predict Brain Maturity. [link]

Matt Richel. The New York Times, (August 16, 2010) Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain. [link]

Brian Vastag, Science Careers, Clinical and Translational Science Network(June 18, 2010) Psychologist Bridges Clinic and Lab to Untangle Schizophrenia's Roots. [link]

Packard, Erika. Monitor on Psychology. (January 2007). The brain in control. The winner of the $25,000 McGuigan Young Investigator Prize explores the neural mechanisms of cognitive control.

Washington University, The Record. (August, 2006) Interdisciplinary 'pathway' trains new generation of neuroscientists. [link]

Living Saint Louis. (2005) KETC, Channel 9. Brain Imaging. Watch as Dr. Deanna Barch and Dr. Joshua Brown of the Cognitive Control and Psychopathology Lab share their knowledge and expertise. [link]

Everding, Gerry. (2005) Memory study shows brain function in schizophrenia can improve with support, holds promise for cognitive rehabilitation: Need cues, memory aids. The Record, Washington University Press Release [link]

Hesman, Tina. (2005) "Experts, actor clash on cause of mental ills" Saint Louis Post Dispatch, June 29, 2005. [link]

Science Central News. Risky Brain. [link]

St. Louis on the Air (June 15, 2005) - Mental Health Research A discussion about advances in research being conducted on psychiatric disorders, particularly schizophrenia, and how it can lead to better care for patients. [link]

There's been quite a buzz about Dr. Joshua W. Brown and Dr. Todd S. Braver's 2005 Science article, Learned Predicitions of Error Likelihood in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.
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